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Gina is an inspiring speaker, an expert in current issues surrounding breast cancer treatments, and breast cancer recovery. She is the author of “Intimacy After Breast Cancer” and the founder of the nonprofit No Surrender Breast Cancer Foundation. The foundation provides a comprehensive website for women facing and recovering from breast cancer and an important support network online, as well as offline with their Sister Corps program.


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Anthony Pomes
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Gina received the 2012 Patient of Courage Award on October 26, 2012


Gina on Sirius/XM Doctor Radio:

Gina on Patricia Raskin Positive Living

Gina on Healthnet Radio Feeling Just Ducky

Gina on Dresser After Dark Radio Show with Michael Dresser, on Breast Reconstruction:–the-place-for-authors-experts-

Watch Gina on ABC’s Good Morning America Health

Watch Gina on FOX

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One response to “Appearances

  1. Hi, Gina– (No wordplay intended!)

    I heard you Monday morning during your interview with my old friend Geoffrey Riley on
    “The Jefferson Exchange.” You were VERY impressive, in my journalistic opinion. All the more so for two very different reasons: 1) One of my favorite two next-door neighbors of 12 years has been fighting–so far successfully–her breast cancer for more than a year. I’ve sent her various links to you and your book after reading everything on your site. 2) After watching both the You-Tube videos of you and Elton John, I can’t help but notice how much you look like my wonderful daughter, Naomi.

    It’s also very obvious to me what a great PR job you’ve been doing . Even so, if you think I might be able to be of service to you in any way please don’t hesitate to let me know. During my long journalistic and freelance non-fiction writing career I’ve also done time, mostly in media relations in NYC and elsewhere, for numerous corporate clients large and small.

    All along the way I’ve also made a point of doing various kinds of pro bono work for diverse non-profits. (E.g., feel free to ask Geoffrey about Oregon Stage Works and the Ashland Historic Railroad Museum, among other of my major projects here in gorgeous and interesting Ashland, my “nirvana-on-earth.”

    I admire all that you’ve done, the ways that you’ve done it, and I wish you much great continued success in the very worthwhile and obviously much-needed work that you do.

    With all best regards,

    “Lychnobite” Lee Perlman

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