A Beautiful Day

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photo credit: Kristin King

The research that I did when writing  Intimacy After Breast Cancer to provide my readers with the best information about reclaiming their lives after breast cancer, included extensive study of the ingredients in skin care that actually help your skin come back to life.

When I worked with my fellow patients at the No Surrender Breast Cancer Foundation, I realized we were all doing the “right things” so why were we all sick or getting recurrences??

I decided to read labels. Why didn’t I start doing this in the 1990’s? It wouldn’t have mattered. The information wasn’t out there.

It is now. Thousands of toxic ingredients are permitted in the United States for use in personal care products. I used them all. These toxins have been shown to cause cancer, disrupt hormones and basically HARM me. Is it any wonder my cancer came back?

That is when I started thinking about a skin care line  free of toxic chemicals that can help cancer patients, patients who are undergoing difficult medical treatments, young moms, pregnant moms, little kids and  all the men who are part of their lives.

It took three years working side by side with a botanical chemist, but I did it. I created effective skin care- that truly works- but does not contain anything toxic, carcinogenic or hormone disrupting. I banned almost 2,000 ingredients that didn’t make the grade because they are toxic.

I am proud and excited to let you know that it is now available to you. It is a beautiful line. The products are luxurious, soothing, and care for YOU.

It is a beautiful day when you can do everything you can to take care of yourself. That includes your beauty products. Check out beterre.com. I hope you love the products as much as I do and as much as the love that went into making them.



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